I made a character move.
I felt overwhelmed.
I made something out of nothing.
I gave life to nothingness.
I made him walk and talk. 
I taught him to react.
I gave him toys to play.
I gave him a world to enjoy.
I lived with him. 
I forced him to live. 
I dressed him as a clown. 
I ridiculed him.
I sacrificed him to indulge myself.
I killed him.
Killed him to prove my authority over his existence.
This is an Act of God.
He defied me. He survived.

An animation by Hamid Rahmanian
Animation, 6 minutes, ©1996.  Original format - Beta SP |  Screening format -16 mm, Beta SP and DV

Acknowledgements & Awards - 1997
1st Place, CGA - Academy of Television Arts & Sciences’ College Award
Official Nomination, Student Catagory - Academy Awards.
1st Place, Animation - New York Int'l Independent Film & Video Festival
2nd Place, Student Competition - ACM/SIGGRAPH
Official Selection - Annecy 97, France