This experimental film is a metaphorical journey of redemption. 

A journey in which a clown happens across a marionette house. Through pantomime, he tells the lifeless marionettes a story about the colorful life of the circus. The circus where he finds eternal love. Love that consumes the spirit of the clown and the sacrifice that gives life to the inanimate marionettes.
All that remained from the journey was a dream.

Live Action/Animation, 19 minutes, ©1999
Original format - 35 mm |  Screening format - 35 mm, BetaSP and DV


A powerful resonance! – LA Weekly
A vivid kaleidoscope of images. Lush colors saturate the screen with allusions ranging from Fallini to Arabian Nights. This imaginative, experimental film dissolves the boundaries of traditional filmmaking, – Kodak Cinemotography Award Issue
Strange and beautiful images abound in this colorful and surreal journey. You'll have to pinch yourself to make sure that you're not dreaming. – Florida Film Festival

Best American Film - LA Short Film Festival
Best Cinematography Award - Kodak,
Special Achievement Award - USA Film Festiva

Director: Hamid Rahmanian
Producer: Stan Nakazano
Associate Producer: Aida Demian
Cinematography: John Morgan
Assistant Director: Sourena Mohammadi
Costume Designer: Lysa Rose
The Clown: Matt Walker
The Trapeez Artist: Carissa Burnett